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Ensuring that your consumers stay loyal and advocate your brand is no easy task. Customers demand food and drink when and where they are, rather than when and where works best for you. With these ever increasing challenges you need software that’s quick, can be used online and available to you and your consumers at any time.

Orbis Software provides you with amazingly rich features & tools to stay in touch with the data you need and manage your business easily.

Complete Cloud Based Solutions

Orbis works offline from point of sale through to head office so your data is always kept safe & secure until a connection is restored.

Mobile Loyalty Applications

Quality bespoke mobile apps that offer payment solutions, click & collect ordering & loyalty schemes too.

Managed Digital Signage

Promote your brand further and manage your digital signage content centrally down to individual sites & each POS customer display.

Accurate Margin Calculations

Discounts given can be applied to sales at item level giving true sales figures & GP reports once the discount is applied.

Recipe & Yield Management

All food and drink items can be added to the recipe using percentage yield and the correct unit of measurement along with the cost price.

Effective Team Management

By using pin or biometric readers Orbis enables clear exceptions & results for rotas and reports ensuring accurate payroll calculation & performance figures.

Faster Transactions

Orbis software offers amazing speed for rapid payment processing with EFT integration for cards and contactless payments technologies like Apple Pay amongst others.

Wastage Input via the POS Terminal

Simply update any wastage directly from the point of sale terminal to adjust your stock and help you to balance your stock levels.

Hospitality Software Needs to Work for Different Tastes

At Orbis Tech we appreciate that hospitality business come in different flavours, there are a plethora of different hospitality sectors within the industry. That’s why we make Orbis solutions work across all of them.

For a more detailed view, scroll down and see how we can meets your needs.


Orbis Tech understood my needs from day one

Quick Eatery & Coffee Shop

Stock Countdown on EPOS Screen Buttons

In busy environments it can be difficult to constantly check your stock levels. To help, Orbis can display stock quantities on the item button on the POS screen, warning front of house when critical stock levels are reached and giving them time to react.

Wastage Can Be Input Through The POS

Having to waste short shelf-life goods can be a time consuming process when stock counts have to be undertaken and data fed to the back office. Speed this process up by entering the items through the POS saving you time.

Edit Items Mid Sale With Tax Shifts Applied

Orbis EPOS can apply the tax shift corrections for eat-in and take-away items even mid sale.

Restaurant and Casual Dining

Daily Specials on POS Screens When You Need Them

Specials can be added at the point of sale screens by authorised staff straight from the shop floor, speeding up your productivity.

Intuitive & Smart Table Plans

Time prompts on point of sale touchscreens tell you when a table has yet to be served. Orbis also has the ability to setup a ‘one night only’ floor plans, take reservations on that plan, then have the system automatically switch over on the day.

Handheld Ordering Solutions

Orbis handheld solutions on the Android platform enable table waiting staff to input orders, store to table and then print to bar or kitchen.





Bar & Nightclub

Batch Price Changes

Cost and sales price of items by supplier or department, sub department can be changed in bulk by an amount or by a percentage. Changes can be made immediately or triggered for set date in the future to the POS terminal.

Product Information Feature

Great tool for staff to understand products better and to deliver info to customers, either through the POS or via handhelds. Information can include wines, ingredients, origin of dish, allergens and nutritional information.

Real Time Stock Look-Up for All Sites & Price Bands

Current stock status from each site can be viewed on the point-of-sale screen. Pricing levels can also be set to certain times, sites or geographical areas.


Theatres, Stadiums & Visitor Attractions

Utilise Retail & Hospitality Configurations With Orbis Software

Orbis can be configured for different screen layouts over all areas within a multi-site environment, allowing you complete flexibility for functions across all point of sale terminals.

Bespoke Ticketing and Other Custom Solutions

A wide range of bespoke solutions can be configured to meet custom requirements. Talk to us at Orbis Tech to find out if we can help with your special EPOS needs and challenges.

Unique and advanced ticketing can be integrated for your business, allowing for on-line pre booked tickets to be printed out at point of sale and more.

Interval Drinks Capability Just Where You Need It

Orbis Interval Drinks module is capable of intervals drink orders to go to certain printers at certain bars to be placed on certain tables or shelves for your customer to find easily and quickly.


The support given by Orbis has surpassed our expectations. We couldn’t ask for better.






Book Items to Room or Individual Guests

Orbis point of sale software allows for detailed billing so you can book drinks and meals to named guests within the room and run a bill in the background to be paid on checkout.

Hospitality PMS Link Capability

Orbis Software links to a wide range of 3rd Party PMS software solutions on the market, allowing you to do one end of day report across your entire business, streamlining your business and saving you time.

Customer Accounts, Invoicing & Deposits for Corporate Clients

Orbis has the ability to generate customer accounts, create invoices for corporate type customers which may have the need for payment terms.

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