Located on Eastcastle Street near Oxford Circus, London, Ethos Foods opened their self-service meat-free restaurant for both eat in and takeaway a few years back. Their aim has been to constantly innovate and deliver delicious, creative, vegetarian cuisine that is both nourishing and non-processed.

They chose to work with Orbis Tech way before opening their doors. ‘’We started with Orbis Tech in the beginning, as they were the only company who could deliver on our somewhat complicated brief involving a “double tare” function. The double tare was required so that we could deduct both the weight of a plate or takeaway container and the weight of another item, in our case a Scotch Egg, from the price the customer pays for the vegetarian salad dish,’’ says Abigail Thompson of Ethos Foods. ‘’The EPOS system had to be seamless – no taking items off to re-zero the tare, no clunky typing in of weights by the cashier. We achieved the desired outcome with Orbis Tech’s help and dedication to solving this tricky problem.’’

Innovation continues apace at Ethos, ‘’We have started looking at reusable take-away containers,’’ says Abigail Thompson at Ethos Foods. ‘’We already have some customers who bring in their own cups and bento boxes.’’ In this strategy they appear to continue to be a head of the curve; only this month the Daily Telegraph, Which? Online and The World Economic Forum announced some large high street retailers such as Starbucks and Waitrose have begun trialling refillable and reusable containers and package free goods for food and drink offerings. Better for the environment and cheaper on the purse, this trend is certain to catch on.

‘’It is no surprise with all the hard work by Ethos Foods it has established a loyal following. In addition, to understanding Ethos’ requirements for weighing the cuisine, Ethos also wanted to work with an EPOS provider that could combine an EPOS solution that could innovate with them,’’ says Darren Brown, Marketing Manager at Orbis Tech. ‘’We are always pleased to work with Ethos Foods, right through the pre-launch design stage and today looking into the future. We wish Ethos Foods further success as they continue to innovate and build the business.’’

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About Ethos Foods

Ethos Foods on Eastcastle Street, just seconds away from Oxford Street London, specialise in deliciously different, meat-free cuisine that tastes as good as it is for you. With abundant displays of beautiful, carefully selected dishes from around the globe, they are open from breakfast through to lunch, dinner and everything in between. They operate a ‘’Pay by Weight’’ system for both lunch and dinner service, which they believe gives their guests unrivalled flexibility in choice and price.