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Drive Your Fuel Retail with Orbis Software

With over 20 years experience in the demanding and rigorous fuel retail environment Orbis knows that your customers demand speed, convenience, choice and value. Whether your customer wants a fast fuel and good experience by paying at the pump, the best value promotions on offer or have their loyalty recognised, Orbis fuel retail software delivers across the board.

One Integrated Software Platform

Orbis has you covered with end to end integration allowing you to control all aspects of your business both quickly and efficiently.

Unattended Pay at Fuel Pump Connectivity

Orbis integrates with the fully PCI compatible Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminal G6 (OPT), enabling drivers to be guided through the fuel purchasing process at the pump.

Updated Sales, Pricing & Stock as it Happens

Wherever you are you can always keep on track, knowing that pricing, sales information and stock levels can all be managed and updated in real time.

Digital Signage Driven through Head-office Playlists

All of your slide shows and playlists can be maintained centrally through head-office & can have different content for each site location down to individual customer displays.

Pump Control Independent

Orbis can connect to all types of fuel dispensers at your station, helping at point of sale and alerting you in drive-off situations.

Mobile Loyalty Options to Drive Sales

Quality bespoke loyalty & solutions & mobile apps, which can offer rewards and advocacy all available through Orbis.

Effective Staff Rota Feature

The Clock In/Out feature is great for accurate time keeping with exceptions highlighted in the back-office. Rotas can also be used to calculate staffing costs & compare them with your forecasted sales.

Software Development Kit

Our software offers the ability for third party programmers to link to the Orbis platform for other applications. The SDK includes relevant APIs, programming tools, & where necessary support documentation.

Orbis Software Meets All Your Demands

Orbis Tech delivers solutions across the petroleum retail sector. Orbis software has been developed to provide the capability to link to your existing equipment and also offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to delivering solutions that combine retail convenience with hospitality features. Scroll down to see more on how we can benefit you.


Outdoor Payment Terminal G6 OPT

Fast & Secure Transactions

Offering your customers the ultimate in payment convenience, the G6 OPT supports a wide range of payment options including debit, credit, contact-less, fleet, loyalty, vouchers and coupons.

Adaptive & Economical Terminals

The G6 OPT is small enough to fit into any standard retail fuel pump head, drive-thru pedestal or vending machine. Yet it is large enough to house a generous screen to display easy to follow user instructions, promotional advertising and brand-building.

Service Station

Utilise The Latest Payment Technologies

Future proof your point of sale with easy integration to chip & pin, contactless and mobile NFC payment platforms.

Stock Countdown on EPOS Screen Buttons

It can be difficult to constantly check your stock levels so to help, Orbis can show the remaining stock of the item on the POS screen and warn you when critical stock levels are reached.


Orbis Tech understood my needs from day one





Petro-convenience Station

Promotional Wizard to Guide You With Your Offers

The promotional wizard is provided on the head-office to make the task easy and quick. Up-selling prompts on the POS screen help remind staff on buy one get one free offers, meal deals and near miss promotions that may help drive sales.

Wastage Input Through The POS

Having to waste short shelf-life goods can be a time consuming process on the shop-floor. Speed this process up by scanning the items through the POS saving time.

Quick Service Restaurant Station

Edit Items to ‘Eat-In’ or ‘Take-Away’ Mid Sale With Tax Shift Applied

Orbis EPOS can apply the correct tax shift for eat-in and take-away items, even with mid-sale changes to take-away or eat-in status on particular items.

Recipe & Yield Management

All items can be added to the recipe using percentage yield and the correct unit of measurement along with the cost price, vital for accurate stock replenishment and making to order.

Barista & Kitchen Print Through Orbis POS

If a driver pays for a coffee or a quick meal this can be handled through Orbis POS and the request send to a barista or kitchen printer for quick delivery. All important when your customer is looking to take a break and wants to relax as quickly as possible.





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