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Keeping up with consumer demands is easier said than done, customers want goods when and where it suits them, rather than when it works best for you. With these ever increasing challenges you need software that’s adaptable, scalable and modular to keep up with an ever changing retail landscape – look no further than Orbis retail software.

Real Time Data

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you will be pleased to know Orbis sales information and stock levels are managed and updated as it happens.

Protect Your Profits

Security is paramount so ensure you are kept safe through Orbis’ revenue & shrinkage controls. Use audit alerts for unusual staff behaviour and document these in reports & emails when thresholds are reached.

Faster Transactions

Orbis processes payments quickly so you can reduce customer queuing and waiting times and better serve your customers.

Attract Through Promotions

Entice your audience with promotions easily. Orbis allows for complex promotions with minimal effort. Set discounts or deals & decide which sites to apply whether individual or by region.

Targeted Marketing & Improve Customer Loyalty

With an array of loyalty options both on & offline Orbis has modules to help you communicate your brand and help grow your business.

Manage All Aspects of Your Business

Clear staff time and attendance exceptions to your rota can appear on the back-office and head-office to enable accurate payroll calculation.


Retail Software is Not One Size Fits All

At Orbis Tech we appreciate that there are a huge range of different retail sectors within the industry. That’s why we have solutions that work across the board as well as key features that allow for more specialised industries to get the systems and solution they need. Scroll down to find out more on how we work for different sectors.


In all my years working in the industry, Orbis is the easiest to use system I have come across

Convenience Store & Supermarkets

Inter-Branch Transfers & Stock in Transit

Orbis point of sale has the capability to transfer your stock between stores and warehouses through the back-office and head-office software, with the ability to keep track of stock ‘in-transit’ and in warehouse or store for ultimate in visibility

Multiple Suppliers & Barcodes Per Item

If you have a preferred supplier who’s out of stock of a popular item you can save time by switching to a different supplier and create your purchase order without having to create another item in the head-office.

Wasted Stock Applied via the POS

Inputting wastage on short shelf-life goods through the back-office can be a time consuming process. With Orbis you can speed up this activity by scanning the items directly through the POS.

Fashion Outlets

Input & Edit items by Colour, Style & Size

Tracking and adding stock & sale of goods, using individual colour, size and style makes life easier when inputting new lines and when reporting on overall sales of a particular range of clothing.

Batch Price Changes

Cost and sales price of items by supplier, department or sub department can be changed in bulk by either an amount or by percentage. Changes can be made immediately or triggered for set dates in the future to the EPOS terminal.


The back-office reporting features of Orbis software have been extremely helpful to our business


Prescription Drugs in a Single Check-Out Solution

Orbis Pharmacy EPOS Software combines over the counter retail with highly regulated and quality sensitive prescription drugs in a single checkout solution.

Product Prescription Data Feature

This is a fantastic tool for staff to understand products and to deliver information, features and benefits to customers when you need it.

Cashier Prompts on POS

In order to remind staff of processes and procedures, Orbis has the capability of prompting through the POS for up selling, age warnings, customer surveys and promotional messaging.

Jewellery Stores

Take Deposits Book Repairs & Print Display Labels

Comprehensive stock control functionality is key for high value jewellers. Orbis EPOS systems have the ability to take, deposits, repair and print display labels through the EPOS back-office to avoid double entry.

Stock Countdown on POS Screen Buttons

Stock countdown on items such as limited stock items can appear as ‘live’ stock quantity on the item button on screen warning you when critical stock levels are reached.

Goods Receiving Functionality

Having the ability to book high value stock into the store or warehouse quickly is vital. This can be done simply with Orbis and can be invoice matched to the initial purchase order. Partial delivery and back orders are also supported.




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